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 Posted: Jul 12 2014, 04:27 PM
Blaster Pistol
Homeworld: Tatooine
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Will Smith
Kayle Andrea
ALIAS: Achrones
AGE: 34
FACTION: Jedi Order
HOMEWORLD: Coruscant

Kayle was born alongside his sister Berilyn in the lower levels of Coruscant. His mother Nataya and his father Svante lived dangerous lives as smugglers for a local crime lord in order to make a living for the entire family. The family would be disrupted during a botched smuggling run, where Nataya and Svante had to dump their cargo in order to evade detection. As payment for this, the parents were forced to give up their children as an alternative to facing a much more gruesome fate. Under the care of the Hutt, they were taught the ways of the criminal lifestyle. It was here that Kayle picked up skills with a blaster pistol, using it as his primary weapon of choice.

The Andrea siblings served as killers for hire, working together in their missions to take down targets of interest. During his time as a bounty hunter, Kayle had taken to enjoying his profession at killing. More often than not, Berilyn had to prevent him from going too far on his assignments. One such mission on Tatooine ended up with Kayle stepping out of line to slaughter occupants of a Jawa camp and Berilyn having to forcefully stop him. Aside from a few similar derailments, the pair's lives proceeded as normal.

Tragically, their service as bounty hunters ended during an infiltration mission into a rival gang of their Hutt boss. The two were found out, and they were forced to fight through several gangsters to get off the planet. An earlier firefight left Kayle wounded, forcing Berilyn to drag him along to their ship. In the face of the incoming gangsters, Berilyn secured Kayle inside the ship, set it to auto-pilot and took a last stand so that the ship and her brother could escape. Her sacrifice haunted him, and he ended up turning into a recluse that wandered from planet to planet in an effort to recover.

While at a bar on Tatooine, Kayle encountered a wandering well-learned Force user that went by the name of "Sequoia". Kayle attracted the interest of Sequoia due to his untapped affinity with the Force, and after an inquiring talk, was invited to Taspir III in order to be trained in the ways of the Force. Kayle would undergo training that would last for several years, honing his base Force abilities and expanding knowledge concerning the light side. After those years were over, Sequoia parted ways with Kayle and sent him off to the Inner Rim with a cryptic clue to Arkania. While initially his presence near the Akarnia planet aroused suspicion from the hiding Jedi, an explanation managed to convince them that he wasn't an enemy. After a needed amount of persuasion, Kayle was allowed to take shelter on Arkania.

Kayle took on the alias of "Achrones", eventually establishing himself as a Jedi under the teachings of masters.

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