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 Creating your Character
Arran Zarkaine
 Posted: Sep 17 2013, 01:45 PM
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Sometimes, character creation can be the most difficult part of joining a site. For many, they have an idea for a character but don't know the specifics, such as where they are from, how they act, what they should look like, etc. Below is a guide I have developed to help you develop a unique and personalized character for Star Wars: The Rebirth.

First off, if you are or are not knowledgeable with Star Wars lore, this guide will be most beneficial to you. I will include many links for furthering your knowledge of Star Wars lore, and information that will help you along with creating a character that you will surely enjoy playing.

Star Wars has a large database of information that can be overwhelming to people who are not familiar with anything outside of the Star Wars saga, and trust me, the information goes 10x further than that because of books, graphic novels, and other forms of entertainment.

1. For a lot of people, they start off with a name and fit a character around the name. Most people with any sense of literature or roleplaying would disagree 100%. So first, let's start with the character basics.

Species: The species of your character determines a lot in the Star Wars universe. Like any culture, it will define how the character was raised, viewed upon by other races and planets, and how they will often see the Galaxy as well as factions currently present in Star Wars: The Rebirth's storyline. Let's just dive right in, shall we?

If right off of the bat you are thinking of choosing a human for your species, I would ask you to reconsider. I understand that most choose human because they are easier to relate to, and most want to be able to relate or leave a piece of themselves into their character. I, as well as other admins, understand this. However, there are hundreds, yes I mean hundreds of species that look human, but might have one or two differences. For instance, a Zeltron is essentially a pink-skinned or even purple-skinned human with flamboyant hair colors ranging from a very dark black to a light pink. Another example would be an Arkanian, they look human, but have white eyes and very light hair. That's just two examples, there are plenty more. For a complete list of Near-Human species, click here. After finding one you like, read up on their culture and any information present in the database to get a full understanding of how they act and behave. If you have any questions on whether not a certain species works in the timeline, ask an admin!

For a list of species that don't look human but are humanoids, click here

2. Okay, species can now be checked off of the list. So now it's time to do some background research on finding your characters homeplanet. Now, homeplanet doesn't necessarily need to mean where they were born. It means any planet that they consider home, whether that be a place they've only lived at for a few days or a place they lived their entire life, it's up to you. In order to aid you in your character creation process, I'm going to build an example character.

This character is going to be an Ithorian. Through research, I immediately found a section titled 'Homeworlds', meaning planets where Ithorians are in great abundance. One of them is Ithor, and after research I discovered the planet was turned into a massive firestorm of death; not a viable or realistic place for my character to live considering life cannot sustain itself on the planet. Therefore I need to consider other options. Another Ithorian homeworld I discovered is called Borao. Not much information is given on the planet, or at least nothing that stuck out to me as interesting, so I'll continue to navigate to find some place better.

Eventually I found a link that directed me to Felucia, a flower-like jungle planet. Apparently the Ithorians settled on this planet after the destruction of their main homeworld of Ithor. Now, being a nerd I already know a lot about Felucia and from seeing the database article on it I can clearly see there is tons of information on the planet. Character research is important! If you find yourself being bored or having no motivation to continue, maybe rethink your character and repeat step one!

So I did a lot of reading on Felucia and it seems that Felucia is strong in the dark-side, meaning a large dark-side presence resides there. I also discovered that Felucia, in the 'native fauna' section on the right hand side, says that Felucia has species such as Bull-Rancors, Jungle-Rancors, and even Felucian-Rancors. For those that don't know, a Rancor is a large monstrous beast. If you watched the Star Wars saga, it is what Luke fought in Jabbas Palace when he fell into Jabba's trap. For information can be read about them here.

Anyway, Felucia sounds like an interesting planet. It has a strong darkside presence, other Ithorians for my character to have relations with, and an interesting background history. After reading about Ithorians from Step One, I can conclude that since Ithorians are a peace-nature-loving species, they would have probably built a colony filled with flora (plants). Also through reading, I discovered that Ithorians that showed to be careless of life and nature were banished, and due to the high amounts of dark-side present on the planet, my character could be affected by it and banished....

3. Backstory! Or in the application process, this is called history. As stated above, with Felucia having high concentrations of dark-side energy present on the planet and with Ithorians being a peace-loving society, they would be most susceptible to it. If you disagree, ask yourself how many people you know in real life were raised in highly religious homes that later turned away from religion to pursue their own ideas. You'll know I'm right.

To make my character more interesting, I'll say that he often felt the dark-side without knowing it and would lash out on others uncontrollably. Through my reading of Ithorian culture, Ithorians who showed these symptoms were banished. So, my character was seduced by dark-side energy without knowing it at a young age because he obviously didn't have any training on how to ignore it and was then later banished because of how the dark-side controlled his personality and actions. So now my character is banished and has regret and hatred about the Ithorian leaders that banished him. He was forced to leave his parents, siblings (if he has any) and friends. Maybe he even gave into the dark-side so much, that he killed one of his friends, and still holds that regret in his heart. Maybe he has nightmares about it every night, who knows.

Where to people go in the Star Wars galaxy when they want to get lost? Good question! For most it would be a highly populated city, so cities such as Coruscant, Corellia,and Nar Shaddaa, to name a few. So, I think I'll choose Nar Shaddaa since after reading up on the planet, it seemed like the darkest place to choose from, from the three listed above. Now, since Nar Shaddaa is so populated, it has A LOT of people in it, ranging from thousands of different species, ages, and occupations. So I'm going to say that when my character first came, he was so overwhelmed by the amount of people and sheer size of the planet (since he was used to his colony on Felucia), that he had to resort to stealing when he first came to the planet in order to make ends meet. Maybe he was a stowaway on ships and traveled frequently between different sectors of Nar Shaddaa, until finally running into a small group of people that come from a similar background as him.

So currently, for those keeping score at home, I have an Ithorian character from Felucia who was banished due to his rash behavior and came to Nar Shaddaa to get lost in the crowd and eventually found himself joining a small gang of people who stole and performed other criminal acts in order to get money.

4. Time to think about possible factions from the list we have. For those who don't remember, the factions are: Jedi Order, Union Military, Civilian, Followers of Zarkaine, and the Sith. Details about each faction can be found here.

After reading about the factions, I found that the Followers of Zarkaine is a small group of only those close to Arran Zarkaine. That rules out my character, who doesn't know much about Arran Zarkaine aside from him being a former Sith Lord (since my character was old enough to hear about his reign on the Galaxy), and that he created the Union and hasn't been heard of recently.

My character is full of anger and breaks the law. I dont know about you, but that doesn't scream Jedi-like qualities. His time at the Temple would be short and he would probably get rejected for training, or since the Jedi personally find people to recruit, he wouldn't even be considered.

That leaves two possibilities that can shape my character. On one hand, he can continue to be a thief as he is and be classified as a Civilian of the Galaxy. Or, I can have an informant of the Sith persuade him to join the Sith Order where he can give into the dark-side that already plagues him and become part of the Sith military.

Either possibilities would work. It's up to you how you want to form your character.

5. Now it's time to name the character! We got our character all worked out from species, homeworld, history and faction, now it's time to choose a name to resemble our character. Names are very important and are the first things other people will see when roleplaying with you. Whether you want a name they'll remember, or a name that makes the hairs on your back stand up, its up to you. If you are terrible with names like me, I suggest using this. The old site I used to use was better, but it's been turned off sadly.

If you find something you like or splice a first name from one and a last name from another to find something you like, be sure to do more research on your species! Some species have unique names! Such as Twi'lek's, who have their clan names present in their name (sometimes).

6. Lastly, consider age. For my Ithorian, he was probably banished from his colony on Felucia as an adolescent, was a thief and a member of a gang on Nar Shaddaa for several years before being picked up by the Sith and training at the Sith Temple. On most, if not all species pages there is a section on the right hand side titled 'Average Lifespan'. Use that when judging character ages and what age an adolescent would be. For Ithorians the average lifespan is 85, which is pretty close to humans more or less. So I can say that he was banished at age 17-19, ran around in Nar Shaddaa until 25 or so, and was picked up by the Sith and has been training with the Sith for a few years and knows some basic force techniques. So I can conclude that my character is In his late twenties or early thirties.

Remember to be realistic! So this is essentially what my application would look like when posted, except I would have included my history.

Rowrantu Momaz
ALIAS: Teekie (Gang Nickname)
AGE: 29
SPECIES: Ithorian


If you have any questions, feel free to PM an admin or post them in the Questions and Suggestions board!
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