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 Galactic Law, The Rules
Arran Zarkaine
 Posted: Sep 10 2013, 04:58 AM
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Read The Rules

Make sure to read them! It may seem silly, but not everyone actually pays close enough attention to them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an admin, or someone in the CBOX.

Don't Meta-game

Metagaming is using things you know OOCly IC. Just because you know a lot about the Star Wars universe doesn't mean your character does. Just because you read a post where something important happens doesn't mean your character knows what is going on. Please be accurate and courteous with each post. If you have a question about something in a thread, message or talk to the person(s) you are threading with! I'm sure they are more than willing to answer any questions.

Be Polite

Don't be unnecessarily rude to other members, it's just not nice. We want this to be a very welcoming environment for creativity! Also, we're a community of passionate writers that all have an innate love for the same thing: Star Wars.

Don't God-Mod

If you are interacting with another character that is played by someone else, don't act for them. An example of this would be 'autohitting' during a fight. Ask the person you are threading with if you want the thread to go a certain way.

OOC is OOC, IC is IC

Remember, things that happen in character doesn't always reflect the person writing. An "evil character" doesn't make the writer evil. Respect everyone's writing!

Minimum 50 word posts.

Try to make sure your posts are at least 50 words. If they are not a moderator will ask you to edit your post and add more words. If it is not completed, the thread will be locked or deleted. 50 words isn't that much! Give the person you are threading with something to go off of!
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